Children’s Book Reading Splashes the Magic of Puddle Moon into the World

Looking for a way to reconnect you and your family with a world of dreams and imagination? Join Mari Gayatri Stein at the Medford Barnes & Noble Bookstore on Sunday December 17th, at 1 PM for a delightful adventure as she reads from her book Puddle Moon.

Puddle Moon is the story of a little girl’s magical midnight adventure in a grand and wondrous world. Making a glorious splash into the mystical Puddle Moon, Megan and her dog Mumbles, Inches (the mouse) and Fumbles (the cat), float and tumble with the moon and the clouds, the rainbow bird, and the twinkling star. As they journey into the world of Puddle Moon, they discover that it reflects the love, wonder, and mystery of life. Held together by the magic of the moment, our friends watch the illusion of substance dissolve, and like Puddle Moon, they remain tranquil and full of happiness.

A Picture storybook for all ages with 32 watercolor illustrations and an introduction by astronaut David Scott. For more information about Mari and Puddle Moon visit

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