Barbara Du Bois

Barbara Du Bois, Ph.D., longtime teacher of Buddhadharma, is known for the clarity, freshness, humor, and fearless love with which she shines a frank Western light on the path. Her principal gurus are Padmasambhava, Milarepa, Machig, H. H. Dudjom Rinpoche, and H.E. Garchen Rinpoche. Barbara’s lifetime of service includes work with disarmament, African refugees from colonial regimes and genocide, United Nations social development, feminist scholarship and teaching, and initiating an indigenous women’s peace movement during active civil war in Africa. She holds the doctorate from Harvard University and has taught at undergraduate and graduate levels as social scientist, psychologist, and psychotherapist. Barbara is also a visual artist and author of Light Years: A Spiritual Memoir (Laughing Vajra, 2011) and the forthcoming Brave, Generous, & Undefended: Heart Teachings on the 37 Bodhisattva Practices. She currently resides in Arizona.

His Eminence Garchen Triptrul Rinpoche, the Eighth Garchen Rinpoche, is a renowned and beloved teacher in the Drikung Kagyu lineage of Tibetan Buddhism. Born in 1936 in Nangchen Kham, at age seven Rinpoche was enthroned at Lho Miyal Monastery and given his ordination name, Könchok Gyaltsen. At age twenty-two, during the turmoil of the Cultural Revolution, Garchen Rinpoche was imprisoned in a Chinese labor camp. There he met Khenpo Munsel, a great Nyingma master, who became his root guru. During twenty years of incarceration, while enduring prison hardships, Rinpoche practiced in secret according to his guru’s instructions, attaining profound and vast wisdom.

As soon as he was released from prison in 1979, Garchen Rinpoche took it upon himself to rebuild the Drikung Kagyu monasteries in Tibet, reestablish the Buddhist teachings, and build boarding schools for local children.

Garchen Rinpoche first came to the West in 1997. He is founder and spiritual director of the Garchen Buddhist Institute, in Arizona, and other Dharma centers in the United States, and spiritual director of many centers in North America, Asia, and Europe. He widely promotes Tokme Zangpo’s Thirty-Seven Practices of a Bodhisattva. 

Now in his late seventies, Garchen Rinpoche is revered throughout the world by people of all traditions and walks of life, for his extraordinary love, limitless compassion, and clear wisdom. After decades of tireless travel, bringing Dharma to countless people, Rinpoche is now residing at his Western seat, the Garchen Buddhist Institute.




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