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Submission Guidelines

White Cloud Press offers spiritual inspiration, acclaimed translation of religious texts, and descriptive explorations of spiritual practice and faith. Integration of paradigms within the worlds of faith fit White Cloud best. We are always open to explorations of religions and spiritual practices off the beaten path.

RiverWood Books offers literary fiction as well as titles illuminating cultural awareness and West Coast regional topics. We’ve had great success with historical fiction, but other genres are welcome. We do not publish science fiction, fantasy, or detective stories.

Send submissions to:

White Cloud Press
Editorial Submissions
P.O. Box 3400
Ashland, OR 97520

or email us at info@whitecloudpress.com

Please submit a query letter with your best pitch and a concise synopsis. Demonstrate briefly that you are prepared to participate in marketing the book. Include your qualifications and whether the work is complete or in-progress. Suggest competing or similar titles and tell us how yours enriches the field. A good letter not only conveys to us your passion for the topic but also tells us most of what we need to know about your writing and editing skills.

If your query letter does its job, we will request a complete proposal, which should comprise the following elements:

  1. Cover letter
  2. Outline or table of contents
  3. Sample chapters
  4. Analysis of comparable titles
  5. Marketing plan
  6. Author bio
  7. Advance endorsements or reviews

Always include a self-addressed, stamped envelope with your mail query or proposal, with enough postage for your materials to be returned at first-class rates. Without proper postage, we will not return submissions.

If you have not heard from us regarding your submission within eight weeks, it is appropriate to check with us about it by email. Please do not call.

Please do not submit entire manuscripts until requested by our office. At that point, we will need a clean, double-spaced, unbound but numbered manuscript and the same work on CD or by email, preferably in MS Word. (You’ll score extra points if it is formatted for Macintosh.) Please contact our office before submitting original artwork. Send only copies of your work. We will not be held liable for materials lost or destroyed in the mail.

White Cloud Press is committed to equitable contracts with all our authors and artists. We offer a graduated scale of royalties on net sales and clear terms for subsidiary rights. Our titles are distributed through major wholesalers nationally and internationally.



To explore the possibility of having us help you self-publish your book,
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